Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Almost half-way there...

Last night in the wee hours we checked numbers and WOW, we're just about halfway there! I want to take this moment now to thank our newest backers on the project. Many many thanks to: Adam Hartzel, Bronson Dameron, Dickie Hearts, Farhad Farahmand, Sue Piantaggini, Christa Whitney, Barbara Wood, Eric Calbert, Sabra Carlin, Patty Chin, Gambitrunner, and Charne du Plessis. Thanks to all of you, we're getting closer and closer to our goal. In the last few days we've had several mini-successes. Like what? #1) A CREW. We've got 'em. and we've hooked some good ones. Everyone on board is qualified, motivated, and we will have a mix of Deaf and hearing people working on lights and camera. #2) FEEDBACK. I've asked several people, some close friends, others not, to read the script, talk about their experiences, talk about ASL, talk about cancer, talk about connection, and it's been a world of help and insight. #3) EQUIPMENT! We went to drool over some lights and cranes and it's going to be a beautiful picture. #4) SAG PAPERWORK. The union is quite an animal, and they represent some of the best. I am lucky to have such talented friends, and they are certainly worth all that the paperwork. Two next pieces of business on the schedule: #1) confirming a few locations, and making final visits to them with our shot list in hand. #2) translating lines. This is huge. If you've watched our kickstarter, you know that an English script with ASL as the intended language of line delivery requires attention to detail, meaning, and Deaf people to advise on the process. That's coming up soon. THANK YOU again everyone, and don't forget to watch our first VLOG tomorrow! You can find it here, and on facecbook.


  1. So happy to see you reached your Kickstarter Goal! Just for future reference though, my last name has 2 L's, not one - Adam Hartzell. It's a very common mistake, so no worries, but just wanted to let you know ;)

    1. Hey Adam, thanks for being involved, we're so grateful and very excited that we've made it past our goal. Sorry about the spelling error! I was hoping I'd make it through each backer list without a mistake. :( But, never again!