Saturday, February 23, 2013

BIG Thank You

The last few days have provided big smiles, butterflies of excitement deep in our tummies, and an important reminder: the people in our lives ROCK. Faith in fellow woman/mankind is rekindled with a sweet, sweet flame. Personal emails, facebook messages, activity on twitter and instagram, texts... support is pouring in, and it means a lot. Not only does it mean a lot to us because it boosts our confidence, but it means a lot to and FOR several communities as well. As I read these supportive comments and messages I think: this person has total belief in us, in our actors, in the value of the stories we are relaying, and in what it will mean to all their friends and family to. I have much gratitude for everyone who has reached out to tell a personal story about why this project already speaks to them; it's awesome to be a witness or something becoming much much bigger that a story we started creating in a coffee shop, or my living room. It's bigger now, and it's all of YOU. It's SHOUT OUT time to our awesome monetary backers! THANKS: Justin Jackerson, Nick Zerlentes, Laurie Schumacher, Sebastian, John Falconer, Kirk Schumacher, Mark Schumacher, Dyan Sue, Marsha Helmuth, Holly Sears, TK Mehlhaff, Mahaveer Shaktawat, BH, Geff Chang. Your support gaurantees a top-notch production, and the realization of this film on big screens around the globe.

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