Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Two fancy acronyms are in the mix!

This morning one of our actors, BJ Allman, and I went to Dooley Noted Audio for an ADR session. The original sound we captured for BJ's lines was with a lavalier mic. The quality of this sound, when plugged into the real-deal machines, was too dirty, and not usable. A lot of noise is picked up on the mics that we don't hear until the playback with higher-tech equipment, and the noise was just too noisy! and the lines quiet. Luckily, we found out last night, and we were able to get into the studio and re-record the lines in this scene early this morning. I owe huge, over-sized, plush, cashmere, whatever really-good-stuff thank yous to Colleen at Dooley Noted-- she has been fantastic in helping us get this film out fast, without compromising the quality.

Sweet studio set up!

Acronym number two: VFX. Visual effects. I hate to say it but: Ruan is stuck doing this at 1:30am to fix an Anna-mistake. I don't want to give away too much, but what I can say is that this particular scene used multiple locations to create the right look-- from both featured shots the same production design elements should be visible. *&#^$*. I forgot to bring an important production design piece to our second location, and we didn't catch the mistake in time. It needed to be added in-- I'm sure it wouldn't have slipped past you observant people, so it had to be done! We brought the object to his home, Ruan filmed it with full lighting set up in his garage against a studio wall, and is now using motion tracking to add it into the scene. I'm grateful that he's a man of many skills, and that we're going to be able to keep the consistency. Lesson learned.

Final film soundcolorcaptionsawesome THIS WEEKEND.

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