Thursday, April 4, 2013

Filming Fin!

Our days are becoming a blur over here, and our nap-times are certainly irregular as we edit our way through the footage. But what I can say for sure is that Tuesday night in a quick 45 minutes we shot two final inserts and a brief moment between two actors that we'd been missing. And that, folks, is a 100% WRAP on everything! We have less than half to go in terms of editing, and it's been easy so far to slip in those insert shots.

I have to admit, filling in little pick up shots here and there was a nice way to hang on to the filming process. A little bit of production-ending denial. But in a metro parking lot in Hollywood, our small group of four had an official "hurrah!" to the last, no this time, no really though this time, okay actually definitely, we're WRAPPED! And it's alright. It was great to work with this talented cast, and I am ever grateful for their hard work and performances. I'm lucky I get to revisit their talent everyday through editing and look long and close at the details of their performances on the screen. I'm looking forward to carrying their work with me through the rest of post-production, and the next chapter of Finding June.

Which brings me to... Matt! He's my friend, and he's awesome at music-everything. He has been working on some scoring for the film and is such a trooper for working with us on our deadline. He's been playing with musical themes on ukulele and piano to get a feel for what fits with the shots I've shared with him. Big thanks and lots of love to him for being on this project with us. Very soon we take his recordings, plus our audio and a locked edit of the film, and give it over to Dooley Noted Audio for mixing. And then change-o presto: Finding June is off to Lunafest film festival.

Jason Roberts our 1st AD and a producer, the lovely Amber Zion and Ruan, getting ready for a take.

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