Friday, March 8, 2013

48 hours to go on KICKSTARTER!

We are in our final days before the end of our fundraising campaign and hit a little sad bump: we lost a pledge of $175. Relying on the kickstarter app to keep the updates flowing failed, as they were left 'pending'. Losing that pledge made us realize this error, and also made us realize that not everyone sees our promoting and updates and Instagram and facebook thank yous and for any of you felt we didn't acknowledge your donation, we are sorry, and assure you it was unintentional-- every dime donated makes us light up and we are grateful to all of you. Our latest backers, who have rallied SO MUCH in the last week, deserve a huge shout out. Many thanks to: Julie, Kalen Feeney, Pink Wings of Hope, Janet Bonner, Melissa Keilbus, Amit Balchandani, Jann Goldsby, Alexander Baack, Phillip and Antionette du Plessis, Nancy Horowitz, Tanya Chongsuwat, Martha Anger, Michael Moran, Colin Blattel, Jurgens Huysamen, JoJo Benfield, Kevin Johnson, Christopher Kimbrough, Abiel Georgeo, Lisa McBee, Anna Porter, Lex R, Bradley Gantt, Chase Burton! With that: good news!!! So much of it, I hardly know where to begin. Probably the best: we have our hospital location secured! This was a tricky one, due to privacy laws, hospital business operations, property permitting, you name it. BUT, thanks to contacts through Phillip du Plessis and RN Joanne Gray, Sharri Mahdavi, Carol Kim, Susan Johnson, Demetri Sirakoff and likely many others who forwarded emails, sent phone numbers to and fro, we have a space to work in. We are so lucky to be filming several scenes in Santa Ana. Other exciting location snagged: THE BEACH. Also hard, because apparently the city of Los Angeles is not making enough revenue on parking tickets (I find this hard to believe, as I'm sure I am single-handedly paying the salary of at least one person in a government position downtown in parking violation fees), and beach filming is a tricky long expensive process. But, no matter, as we've gotten a good deal, fire permit being printed as you read this. Next exciting piece of business is that we have our production schedule READY. As anyone trying to make it in the business knows, it's important to have a day job. What this means for us is a lot of "Oh NO. when are our actors actually available?!". It's quite a mind exercise to cross reference work schedules, character appearance in scenes, time efficiency in terms of traveling from one location another, and what time of day we need to film certain scenes. Whew. But we did it! And one of the coolest things to let you all know is that we are right now on a plane to St. Louis Missouri for a premiere showing of a film by Rustic Lantern Films. Ruan was their director of photography and we of course support the world of film and art happenings. This all continues to be cool because St. Louis is also where Pink Wings of Hope is based. Pink Wings and Deaf Inc., is an affiliate of the RLf family, so everyone will all be in celebration together. Pink Wings had been an inspiration, the women incredible, and has supported or project in many ways. Being able to spend the weekend before we film talking with these ladies in person is such a lovely calendar-coincidence, and it makes us believe we are certainly on the right path. Thank you again for your support and belief in us. Tell you friend and family, every dollar counts! We have 50 hours and $2,000 to go!

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