Sunday, March 10, 2013


As I wrote this morning to our backers: we have made it past our goal of $6,500! This. is. awesome. We are positively floating right now. I have written and deleted several sentences already because I'm a little lost for the perfect words. How about: THANK YOU for believing in us, believing in our story, the impact of film, the importance of care and honor in storytelling-- it's a wonderful feeling of support. So, onward! We'll update on the blog, send the links out so you can see how everything is going! We start Friday. We can't wait. Can't! This week we owe a big thanks to Laura Y, Diane Bray, Rachel Mazique, John Hsu, Veronica Nitko, Lindsay Evans, Erin Oleson, Jacquelyn Johnston, Kris Ide, Lory Reese, George Julian, Marizka Davis, Leila Hanaumi, Rory Osbrink, Andrea Gutierrez, Glenn, Shelly LaSun, Tony Nitko, Michael O, Angela Kramer, Karla Gunn, and Jason Roberts. Thank you for helping get up and past our goal! So glad to have you as a part of making this happen. So, now what? Well. WE START FILMING. It almost feels like we had everything ready to go: lights in place, camera on the dolly, make-shift crafty on ice, actors on their marks, staring at our backer updates on kickstarter, just WAITING to press record. Now that we've made it, in 5 days, the camera rolls. We've just finalized our camera and lens package, and it arrives Wednesday. Ruan will have a chance to play with the lenses, and I can practice bossing him around. Just kidding. But he will play around because we have several lenses we will use for this film to best capture what we need. A few of our scenes happen in tight spaces; the kind of lens we use for a given shot wil dictate how the audience feels in the relation to the actors. Some lenses will have a more true-to-life size feel when we want to get up close, while other lenses offer a wider range so we can capture more of the actor or space from the same distance. This makes the picture more dynamic and better relays our story visually. We have also finalized our equipment list, and let's just say... now I'm calling Uhaul for a 5 day rental. Tomorrow our tech-side will all be in order, and all the tangible moving parts will be en route, getting assembled, and our gear lists for each day for fast inventory will be settled. This is a huge relief, because a big part of what we want to, and have committed to doing, is having gorgeous picture and a visual story that is never "good enough", but is instead right on with the heartbeat of this story. This comes to you from a layover at Chicago O'hare after a wonderful time socializing with some of the ladies from Pink Wings of Hope, who have been such an inspiration for this film. We're off to board, check back tomorrow!

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