Thursday, March 21, 2013

From Ruan, Director of Photography

From DP, Ruan:

Ahhhhhh, my feet are cooled off now. They had been burning for several days as I was busy with the set up for great composition and lighting. This was important to tell the story and emotion through the scene in a visual way. Before I go ahead explain my experience during the production, I will like to take my hat off to Anna Schumacher for her wonderful directing and much more during production. Often, I tried get her attention to discuss for make some change due to space, lighting, but guess what? She often had to say wait, or even not respond, or send a lighting guy, as she was working so close with actors to make sure she had a good connection and both could develop the character in each scene. So I had to leave her alone and make some changes myself, as I know that she believes in my decisions and is happy to accept some adjustments I made. My favorite is when we were done with some take, and she was said "No, I want to get closer, like even closer." She made the camera frame with her hands, and made them tiny and close up to my eyes "like this close" and disappeared again to work. I had to call my camera assistant to get me the correct lenses to get specific perpective as what she looking for. You have no idea how her brain actually still alive at the very end of 12+ hours production and ready for the next day. Congratulation to her and our wonderful team that we completed this production in those 4 days. Yes, we still need film very few scene due to an event that impacted our production schedule which we will complete in the week.

Back to my expereince, I enjoyed driving that 12 feet truck with $60K worth of grip equipment. Seriously, FULL of equipment inside that truck.This is from loading up the gear.

I was so excited and couldn't stop imagining how the picture will turn out with the all that grip equipment, and the camera we had. Every time we set up, it blew my mind that every aspect of frame has lots of emotion and dramatic feeling when we needed it for that shot. I want to thank Joel Stout for being our wonderful gaffer. He delivered exactly what I want to see in frame every shot. I also want to say thank to wonderful crew, Jason Roberts: 1st AD/BestBoy/organization master and much more, Kyle Emard: Camera Assistance/best boy, and much more, Kevin Chui: Key Grip, he was a huge help to us. They worked very hard to use all the equipment well, and make sure everyone is safe when the equipment was on set, and make my work easy during production. Also Jules for being there to help with translating and keeping an eye on ASL during the scenes.

I can't give away too much information, but leach scenes had a great result. The last scene of production was my favorite scene because we set up perfect lighting, and a great frame for the closing of the story. It had perfect contrast and color to represent the feeling in the scene we needed. I am looking forward to getting all footage together in one magical sequence to put together Finding June.

Gaffer Joel!

Thank you once again for wonderful support and believe in our production.

Keep eyes on Instragram or this blog for upcoming pictures and info about the production.

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