Monday, March 18, 2013

Day #2/3!

How could I miss day two? So sorry to not have posted-- twelve hours pass and it feels like a blink, and we're all sore and feel awesome and by the time we got wrapped with production, it was straight to an Rustic Lantern Films event that was in the works ages ago and home, we had only 6 hours until call time.

Yesterday we had a light day, because of this event in the evening, and several of our guys were involved with their production last fall. We picked up some short scenes, including the first time we meet June. Being an artist used to to theatre, it was certainly a challenge to direct a scene showing the first time that we see this character after completing a scene the day before at a story climax. In the film world, jumping from scene to scene in an order based on locations and scheduling has certainly provided for me, Anna, a new creative process in terms of how we get the actors to where we need to be to produce the scene.

Second challenge: how do we creative a fake fender-bender that looks real, without enticing the typical LA rubber neckers?! We managed, but had a helicopter circling for quite some time. Our gaffer Joel says there are vicious rumors that in LA, if they notice your filming outside and it looks like a small crew, they'll fly over to bother your audio. The jokes on you, we're using ASL!

We wrapped our first lovely make up extraodinaire Jessica, and welcomed Wren today for today and tomorrow... and, well, Wednesday?

Look. I love the LA marathon. I'd actually even love to RUN in it. However. Man I'm trying to short an ultra low budget with limited time but union actors and could ya NOT BLOCK OFF, oh, ALL of hollywood? Our day began about 2 hours late. And in film language that means we easily lost several pages of text, a scene. One of our locations was on Hollywood Blvd, but wih all hose runners, just wasn't going to happen. not to me took that our lead told me she was nearly tempted to start dodging joggers to get across Hollywood Blvd and up onto my street. I'll be honest, when our last shot was nearing 11pm and we were several pages behind, I was worried. I'd be lying if I said the stress is soothed, but I am feeling more zen about scheduling set backs, and the big picture is: okay, so we don't get it Monday, lets go for Wednesday.

One of the coolest parts of the day? Annette Nitko, a founder of Pink Wings of Hope, was in town for RLF and stopped by the set! Our actors were thrilled, and it was a lovely distracted from the mounting bicycle frustration. It was brief, but wonderful to have to there! In addition, a big thanks to Jules Dameron for her time in being our ASL coach and master on set today-- her expertise is an extremely important part of the process.

Tomorrow morning I will be collecting and uploading some of our pictures, with some on-set happenings. Big thank you thank you to all the actors for hanging in there even in the twelfth hour. They are all extremely professional and I couldn't have made it through today without them.

Come back tomorrow. Love and gratitude to you, from us.

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